Quick Answer: Are You Allowed To Sell Puppies On Craigslist?

It is against the rules to sell pets, but they allow ‘rehoming with a small adoption fee.

‘ However, this is just a loophole and most animal sales will be flagged.

If you can’t keep your dog, take it to a shelter.

It is against the rules to sell pets, but they allow ‘rehoming with a small adoption fee.

How do I sell a puppy on Craigslist?

You don’t sell pets on Craigslist. You can re-home animals, charging a small fee. Selling animals outright is prohibited by Craigslist terms of service.

Can you post pets for sale on Craigslist?

Craigslist allows users to post ads online for free with or without an account, using a valid email address. Place your ad in the “community” section of the website. Include several clear pictures of your pet to give potential adopters a good idea of what he looks like.

Why are pet sales prohibited on Craigslist?

This increased the supply of unwanted adult dogs when their new owners found out the cute pup got too big or had long hair when they wanted short hair or visa versa. Breeders of registered dogs with good bloodlines never had the need to advertise on Craigslist, they would advertise through the AKC.

Where can I sell puppies?

10 Best Dogs for Sale Sites

  • Pet Care. Pet Care is a category of Nearby Me website.
  • Pet Classifieds. As the name describes this is another pet classifieds in best dogs for sale sites that people use to buy and sell dogs.
  • Gumtree.
  • Puppy Find.
  • Next Day Pets.
  • Get your Pet.
  • Puppy Spot.
  • Only 4 Pets.

Is it illegal to sell puppies?

It is legal to breed and sell puppies if you do so on a small scale and take very good care of the sire, dam and pups. It is illegal to have a puppy mill where lots of dogs are kept in cages full time with no exercise or love and used as breeding machines.

What is the best puppy selling website?

  1. Adopt-A-Pet.com. Adopt-A-Pet is passionate about helping connect homeless pets with caring owners.
  2. VetStreet.com.
  3. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
  4. Dogster.
  5. American Kennel Club.
  6. Petfinder.
  7. Petco.
  8. I Heart Dogs.

Where do you list pets on Craigslist?

How to Post a Lost Pet on Craigslist

  • Visit www.craigslist.org.
  • To the right of the page, you’ll see three columns with a list of cities, states, countries.
  • On the very top right of the website, select “post”.

How do you sell puppies on Facebook?

In fact, Facebook is not where to advertise puppies. Instead, it is a place to promote your puppies. You are not allowed to mention sales of puppies on any pages. This includes personal pages, kennel pages or group pages, even if they are listed as a for sale breeders’ site.

What category do pets go under on Craigslist?

On the main page, pets are in the community section. That should give you a hint as to which category to choose.

Can you give away dogs on Craigslist?

Although Craigslist prohibits the sale of animals on its site, it still allows animals to be given away for free or via a small “re-homing” fee.

In general, buying a pet off of Craigslist is a bad idea, unless it is adopting from a shelter. The reason for this is because you have no idea of what shape the dog is in. Many people who sell animals off if Craigslist are backyard breeders.