Question: Can I Trust Greenfield Puppies?

I will admit, I was very skeptical based on reviews and puppy mills.

I was assured they were not a puppy mill and I chose to trust them.

They have been nothing but honest, fair and trustworthy.

Because I was able to speak to our breeder directly, that gave me confidence in Greenfield Puppies that they were legit.

Is Greenfield puppy safe?

Greenfield Puppies. Greenfield Puppies was created to give future owners a safe and controlled way to find their new furry family member. For over ten years, Greenfield has set strict standards for our breeders so that each of our soon-to-be owners are guaranteed to welcome a happy, healthy pup into their home.

Are the Amish known for puppy mill breeders?

Dog farming is a large part of the economy for many Amish communities. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Holmes County, Ohio, and Shipshewana, Indiana are home to thousands of breeding dogs that will spend their lives in puppy mills. The Amish breeders that we have researched may have anywhere from 10 to over 1,000 dogs.

How do you know if your puppy is from a puppy mill?

11 Signs a Puppy Is From a Puppy Mill

  • Poor Housing Conditions. Puppies ideally should be whelped and raised in a home environment.
  • Puppy Parents Are Unavailable. Source.
  • Multiple Litters.
  • Designer Breeds.
  • Lack of Medical Care.
  • Behavioral Problems.
  • “Dirty” Puppies.
  • Paperwork Not Required.

Where are the worst puppy mills?

Missouri continues to have the largest number of puppy mills in the report, for the sixth year in a row (23), followed by Ohio (13), Iowa (10), and Pennsylvania (nine).

Are Lancaster puppies a puppy mill?

They are puppy mill puppies, and they bring in millions of dollars a year for the Amish and Mennonite farmers who supply pet stores, boutique dog-shop markets according to the ASPCA.

Does PetSmart use puppy mills?

If your local pet store sells puppies, they are probably from puppy mills. Petco, Pets Plus Natural and PetSmart already offer dogs and cats from shelters for adoption in their stores. Go online to or and find a store near you or search for adoptable pets in your area through Petfinder.

Is that doggie in the window a puppy mill?

Many pet store owners advertise their dogs as coming from local small breeders, which is a euphemism for backyard breeders. These are “puppy mill wannabes,” whose dog breeding facilities are not quite as large, but no less inhumane. No reputable breeder ever sells to a pet store.

How do I know if my breeder is reputable?

These are the 15 Signs that you’ve found a good breeder:

The parents will be on site, and you will be able to meet them, meeting the father may not be possible, but you should certainly meet the mother. There will be minimal numbers of litters from mom, and the number of litters available for adoption will be limited.

How do you shut down a puppy mill?

Top 10 Ways You Can Help Stop Puppy Mills

  1. It’s all about supply and demand.
  2. Look into shelter adoption first.
  3. Don’t be an impulse buyer.
  4. If you make the decision to go with a purebred, try to stay local.
  5. Speak out!
  6. Know your state’s dog breeding and selling laws.
  7. Support and recommend legislation that regulates the breeding and selling of animals.

Is all about puppies a puppy mill?

What is a Puppy Mill? According to the ASPCA, a puppy mill is a “large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.” Puppies born in a puppy mill are often sold at as young as 8 weeks old, to brokers and/or retailers who then sell the puppies to the consumer.

What is the best way to pick a puppy from a litter?



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Is Lancaster Puppies reliable?

Lancaster Puppies Cares

We aim to make the website a safe, friendly place where we can match breeders and families. We continuously scan the listings on our site for fraudulent content and scams.

What states are known for puppy mills?

Some states represent a chronic puppy mill problem. Missouri continues to have the largest number of puppy mills in this year’s report for the seventh year in a row (22), followed by Iowa (13), Pennsylvania (12) and Ohio (eight).

Where are the most puppy mills?

Puppy mills are everywhere, though there is a large concentration in the Midwest. Missouri has the largest number of puppy mills in the United States. Amish and Mennonite communities (particularly in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania) also have large concentrations of puppy mills.

Is Riverside puppies a puppy mill?

the answer is “No.” We do occasionally raise a litter from our dogs, all our puppies come from Licensed ODA or USDA Licensed breeders in the state of Ohio. ” No, this does not mean puppy mill”!

Is Puppyfinder com a reputable site? is a bulletin board service so we do not guarantee that the seller’s that post on the site are legitimate, but we do offer Buyer Tips on every ad to assist in a safe transaction. The website has not been hacked, but scammers have been able to hack a seller’s account by answering a phishing email.

Do puppy mills microchip?

Pet stores buy from puppy mills, but will tell you whatever they think they have to to make you think otherwise. It is time for the U.S. to get with the rest of the world and use one frequency for our microchips. Microchips should be sold with the registration included and mandatory.

Is Keystone puppies a puppy mill?

Keystone puppies is a horrible mill, which they are expecting over 1,200 dollars for. I paid a little more than that for a healthy, well bred, puppy. They want people to buy those sick little puppies.