Do Cichlids Eat Guppies?

Some cichlids will eat guppies but it is NOT the best food to give them simply because they are not a natural part of most cichlids diet.

They can also (in the case of feeder guppies) bring a pathogen into your tank which could potentially kill the other fish.

Can guppies and cichlids live together?

In addition, cichlids tend to be pretty territorial. They stake out a spot in the tank and claim it as their own. Guppies, with their lively and energetic nature, love to swim laps around the tank – which means they will usually end up swimming into cichlid territory and, well…you know.

What fish will eat guppies?

Anything carnivourous fish that eats live food will eat guppies. Oscars love them and if they are small enough even angel fish will eat them. Betta will eat the guppy fry because they are tiny enough to fit in their mouths.

Can you feed cichlids live fish?

You Cichlids will live a long happy life on pellet alone and dont need any live fish to survive. If you want to change out diets here and there, feed them Frozen Bloodworms or Live Blackworms as a treat from time to time. IF you want to feed live fish

What can I put in a tank with cichlids?

But, if you still want to add fish to your African Cichlid tank, you can give these eight fish a try.

  • African Cichlid Tank Mates That Get Along.
  • Botia Loaches (Clown Loach)
  • Red-Tail Shark.
  • Red Rainbow Fish.
  • Giant Danios.
  • African Red Eyed Tetra.
  • Pleco.
  • Scavenger (upsidedown) Catfish.

Will rainbow fish eat guppies?

Fish Compatible With Guppies. The guppy, known also as a million or rainbow fish, is probably one of the most admired topical fish among aquarium enthusiasts. In addition, we will be mentioning other fish species which are not compatible with guppies.

Can guppies breed with neon tetras?

Neon tetras don’t mate in the same way that some other fish, such as guppies and mollies, do. When neons are ready to spawn, the female will scatter her eggs and the male will immediately fertilize them.

How do I keep my guppy population down?

Add larger fish

Adding a predator fish would help in slowing down the process of mating between male and female guppies. Moreover, if you have a planted tank, you can try removing all of the plants which the guppies hide behind.

Will Tetras eat guppy fry?

Yes.. Neon tetras eat guppy fries..

Can guppies and mollies live together?

Mollies and guppies are very similar fish with comparable behavior and needs. Generally speaking, they can get along in the same tank, but your success at keeping them together may depend on the specific breeds and individuals involved, and on your tank set up.