Quick Answer: How Do I Sell My Puppy On Facebook?

How do you sell puppies on Facebook?

In fact, Facebook is not where to advertise puppies.

Instead, it is a place to promote your puppies.

You are not allowed to mention sales of puppies on any pages.

This includes personal pages, kennel pages or group pages, even if they are listed as a for sale breeders’ site.

How do you sell a pet on Facebook?

FACEBOOK has a policy forbidding pet sales, but many users are ignoring it. Pages such as Clarence Valley Buy Swap and Sell and others contain posts offering puppies for sale or given away for free. This is despite Facebook’s 2017 directive: “Posts may not promote the sale of any animals.

Why can’t I sell pets on Facebook?

Facebook has banned animal for sale ads, it will cause more horses being slaughtered, dogs and cats being dumped. This change is bad for both pets and livestock. The opportunity to screen homes and get to know buyers and sellers will be gone .

Where can I sell my puppy?

10 Best Dogs for Sale Sites

  • Pet Care. Pet Care is a category of Nearby Me website.
  • Pet Classifieds. As the name describes this is another pet classifieds in best dogs for sale sites that people use to buy and sell dogs.
  • Gumtree.
  • Puppy Find.
  • Next Day Pets.
  • Get your Pet.
  • Puppy Spot.
  • Only 4 Pets.

What is the best way to sell puppies?

Puppy sales platforms, classified ad services, Facebook Groups, and even their own kennel websites are the best ways to sell dogs online. When thinking about selling your dogs online, you first need to decide what channels will you publicize your puppies for sale on.

How do I advertise my puppies for sale?

Ways to Advertise Puppies for Sale

Place an ad in your local newspaper. Post a flier on your vet’s bulletin board. Post a flier at local pet supply shops and feed stores. Advertise in breed magazines.

How do you give away a pet?

Here are options to consider when you must give up your dog:

  1. Return her to the breeder, shelter, or rescue group you acquired her from.
  2. Place her with a trusted friend or family member.
  3. Advertise for someone to adopt her.
  4. Take her to a good shelter or rescue.
  5. Have her euthanized.

Is it illegal to sell pets?

Yes, it is legal to sell dogs, including puppies, for a profit just like you may buy or sell anything else that you own for a profit.

How old do puppies need to be to sell?

State Laws

Sixteen states require that puppies be at least 8 weeks old before being sold, and one, Virginia, requires that puppies for sale be at least 7 weeks old. Some states mandate that a puppy be fully weaned before being sold, which may occur later than 8 weeks for some pups.

Can I rehome a pet on Facebook?

Facebook says that the rehoming of animals violates “Community Standards”. This includes sales, adoptions, or rehoming the animal in any way and includes all animals, from dogs and cats to birds, fish, snakes, and lizards to exotics and even livestock and farm animals.

Where can I put my pet up for adoption?

Your local animal shelters or rescue groups may offer low-cost veterinary care or training services or be able to refer you to other organizations that offer these services. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and entering your zip code.

Can you post free pets on Facebook?

The admin is requiring everyone to pay a $25 rehoming fee for all animals on the page and free to good home ads aren’t allowed. Is the admin allowed to do that?

On pet groups that sell pets can the admin require a rehoming fee?

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Can I sell my puppies to pet stores?

Another practice that some breeders use is selling puppies to local pet shops that sell puppies. Pet shops do not have a good reputation for caring properly for puppies, and even the best care can still lead to puppies with developmental and behavior problems because of how they are kept in a pet shop.

How can I sell my puppy fast?

There are 6 principles that are going guide you on how to sell your dog fast.

  • Know your breed.
  • Relate with fellow dog owners/breeders.
  • Post right.
  • Work with a good camera or photographer.
  • Make use of social media.
  • Join a dog/kennel club/association.

How much should I sell my puppy for?

Puppies bred at home by average people typically sell for $200 to $600, with perhaps a collar, a toy and some puppy food included. These home breeders incur some of the same veterinary costs. Less likely, however, are medical clearances and stud fees, medical breeding or delivery help from veterinarians.