Quick Answer: How Do You Assess A Shelter Dog?

How do you evaluate a dog shelter?

6-Point Dog Temperament Test List

  • Observe. Find a quiet room that you can observe the dog, most shelters will have an observation room.
  • Sound. Test the dog’s reaction to noises, starting with your voice.
  • Touch. Cautiously touch the dog.
  • Play. Play a game of fetch with a ball or squeaky toy.
  • Walk.
  • Other Dogs and/or Cats.

What does a dog temperament test consist of?

A temperament test may include an initial ‘interview’ with the pet owner and pet, followed by introducing the dog into a play area with the other dogs to evaluate their behavior, body language, personality with other dogs, etc. The test involves looking for any aggressive behavior towards the other dogs.

How do you determine if an animal is safe to approach?

Approach All Animals With Caution

Take care to avoid blind spots and approach animals slowly so that they are always aware of your presence. Talk softly as you approach an animal so it hears you coming. Sudden movements are never a good idea, regardless of the species or breed involved.

How long does it take for a rescue dog to feel at home?

6-8 weeks