Quick Answer: Is Petland Humane?

Petland is one of the biggest pet store chains that sells puppies, and while many employees and customers have been skeptical over the years, the humane society has recently been investigating Petland on the grounds of animal cruelty.

Is Petland bad?

Although Petland is arguably the most high-profile retail company to be allegedly selling puppy mill dogs, Summers stresses that just about every pet store that is selling puppies is selling those from puppy mills. “And we found that most of them prohibit their members from selling to pet stores.”

Does Petland kill dogs?

Petland gets puppies from puppy mills. If you don’t know anything about puppy mills, they are breeding places that mass breed puppies without concern for their health, behavior, or lineage integrity. They kill their dogs mercilessly and sell the rest to pet stores including Petland.

Do Petland use puppy mills?

Petland stores investigated by The HSUS have been misleading customers about where their puppies come from. Petland claims it knows its breeders and deals only with those who have “the highest standards of pet care,” and that they NEVER deal with puppy mills. Puppy mills thrive because people buy the puppies.

Are dogs from Petland healthy?

Petland really does care about their pets, and though sometimes they have too many puppies in a single cage, the puppies are the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever seen.