Quick Answer: What Are The Best Bowl Gouges?

What is fingernail grind bowl gouge?

Fingernail HSS Bowl Gouges Now available with Fingernail Profile grind.

Increased flexibility allows for ‘pull’ cuts – avoiding catching lathe bed.

Greater cutting tip area can be used for heavy profiling cuts and fine, delicate shearing cuts..

How long should a bowl gouge be?

The handle length should be approximately 5 times the recommended maximum reach over the tool rest. So for a 1/4″ bowl gouge the handle should be at least 7 1/2″ long and for a 5/8″ bowl gouge the handle should be at least 20″ long. Longer handles provide more leverage.

What is the difference between a roughing gouge and a bowl gouge?

A bowl gouge is made from a round bar of steel. The flute is ground into the bar. A spindle roughing gouge is made from a flat bar that is bent to form the flute and usually has a weak tange holding it in the handle.

How are bowl gouges measured?

In shopping for a bowl gouge, you’ll find them measured in two different ways: British-made tools use the English System that measures the width of the flute (the inside diameter), typically 1⁄ 8 ” less than the outside diameter of the shank. The American System instead measures the diameter of the shank.

What size gouges do you start with?

When you’re starting, use one or two different gouges of medium diameter, a 1/2” bowl gouge is a good size to start with, and practice until you feel comfortable.

What chisels for bowl turning?

Flat Scraper Chisels While bowl gouges usually do a better job cleaning and smoothing the exterior of a bowl, the flat scraper chisel is also an option. Also, like the round nose scraper, different sized flat scraper chisels are available to best match the proportions of the wood bowl being turned.

What does a bowl gouge look like?

Bowl Gouge Defined A bowl gouge has a round metal exterior shaft with a curved interior flute. The curved flute might be U-shaped, V-shaped, or parabolic in shape. … The size and shape of these side cutting wings are based on the particular use of the bowl gouge and the woodturner’s preference.

What angle should a spindle gouge be?

A spindle roughing gouge turns blanks into cylinders; it can also turn basic shapes, such as tapers. Note that this tool is for spindles only. It is not intended for bowl turning. Any bevel angle from 40°-55° works; so the factory-ground angle is a good starting point.

What is the best bowl gouge to buy?

Editor’s Choice: Hurricane Turning Tools Three-Piece Bowl Gouge Set. … Best Long Bowl Gouge: Big Horn 25302 Bowl Gouge. … Stylish Design: Hurricane Turning Tools HTT-242KW Bowl Gouge. … Best Irish Grind Bowl Gouge: Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Grind Bowl Gouge. … Best Durability: Robert Sorby 842XLH-1/2 Deep Flute Bowl Gouge.More items…•May 8, 2021

What is the best angle for a bowl gouge?

There is NO Standard Angle If you look at what turning experts and publications suggest as the “proper” bowl gouge bevel angle, the bowl gouge bevel can range from 45 to 70 degrees.

How do I choose a bowl gouge?

For small bowls with a diameter of 12″ or less, we suggest a 1/2″ bowl gouge. For medium to large bowls with diameters of about 12″ to 14″, a 5/8″ bowl gouge will be more efficient. For sizable work with a diameter of 14″ or larger, a powerful 3/4″ bowl gouge will really get the job done.

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