Question: Should Pets Be Adopted Or Bought?

There are lots of good reasons to adopt rather than buy a pet.

Here are a few of them: Buying a pet can easily cost $500 to $1,000 or more.

Adoption costs range from $50 to $200, depending on whether the pet comes from the city shelter or a rescue group that has spent money on boarding, vets and grooming.

Is it better to adopt or buy a dog?

Lower Cost

Some even cost more. However, adopting a pet is significantly cheaper. The prices vary based on where to dog came from and if any money was spent on vet services or grooming. Either way, adopting is always going to be cheaper than buying from a breeder.

Should you adopt more pets instead of buying them from breeders?

Sadly, shelters only have a limited amount of space and are forced to make the tough decision to put down an ‘unwanted’ pet. If we adopt pets instead of buying them from a breeder, we can reduce the number of animals euthanized and give them a warm and loving home instead.

Why is it important to adopt a pet?

You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation.

There are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Adopting from a shelter helps weaken the pet overpopulation cycle. Each year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them.

What is the difference between rescuing and adopting a dog?

What’s the difference between adopting, rescuing, buying a dog? Adopting means you get a homeless dog from a shelter or rescue group. When you adopt, you also pay money to the shelter or rescue group, but that money is going to rescue more animals in need of homes.