Question: What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

Can dogs drink something other than water?

  • While milk is full of healthy nutrients like calcium and protein, it’s actually not a good choice for your dog.
  • We don’t recommend you give your dog tea, coffee or any other caffeinated drink.
  • Some people think it’s okay or even funny to give their dog a sip of beer, wine or other alcohol.

What can I drink besides water?

8 Most Hydrating Drinks Besides Water

  1. Vegetable juices are better for hydration than fruit juice.
  2. A glass of good old nimbu paani is one of the most hydrating drinks.
  3. Coconut water is, undoubtedly, the best hydrating drink.

How do you hydrate a dog that won’t drink?

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How to Make a Dog Drink Water (When He Doesn’t Want to


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Can dogs drink tea?

Generally speaking, allowing your dog to drink tea now and again won’t cause any long term issues. However, there is a small risk for dogs that consume tea containing caffeine – even then, a small dog for instance, would have to drink about five cups per day to reach toxic level.

What kind of juice can dogs have?

While most fruit juices, in moderation, are fine for your dog to drink, make sure they do not have any kind of grape juice. It’s a bad idea to give anything derived from grapes to your dog, whether it is raisins, juice, or wine.