Quick Answer: What Does A Kitten Cost?

Buying a kitten from a pet shop or breeder generally is a bit more expensive.

According to MoneySmart, prices start at around $200 but vary significantly based on what breed you choose and where you get it from.

The RSPCA says buying a kitten can cost you up to approximately $2,000.

How much does it cost for a kitten?

The cost of a cat runs a range depending on cat breed, age and even your lifestyle, but the basics come in around a minimum of $405 for the first year, and about $340 for each year after.

How much do kittens cost per month?

About $40 average per month per cat. That includes food, treats, occasional toy, vet bills and litter.

How much does it cost to take a kitten to the vet?

Expect $80 for the complete first-year series. Annual veterinary examination: A thorough exam, including dental and a blood profile, will run from $100 to $200. Emergency veterinary care: There is no real way to estimate these costs, since they vary as to the age, overall condition, and accident-proneness of the cat.

How much does it cost to fix a kitten?

How Much Does Cat Spay or Neuter Cost? Typical costs: The cost of neutering usually ranges from $50 to $100. The cost of spaying, which is more complicated, usually ranges from $100 to $200.