Question: What Does PetSmart Do With Returned Hamsters?

Petsmart will either put the hamster back up for sale after a short quarantine period and vet visit if necessary or adopt them out if they were brought back for a behavioral or health reason.

What does PetSmart do with returned animals?

Edit: If they were not purchased from us then we can not do a return but we can take them from the owner and put them in the back and place them up for adoption and not resale. We will put up information of the animal and they will remain in the back until adopted.

What do pet stores do with unsold hamsters?

If a hamster stays at the store more than 6 months it would either be transferred to a new location or adopted out (free). Even if the hamster is aggressive or has health issues that don’t hurt quality of life, most stores would rather find a home than euthanize. The (good) employees do care about them, after all.

Can you return a hamster back to Petco?

There actually are simple Within 30 days we will refund you and put the pet back on the floor for full price if it is not sick or injured. Sick or injured we will still refund you (within the 30 days) but it will go in the Wellness Room. After 30 days, call your local store and ask if they have room to take the pet.

How long does it take for PetSmart to refund money?

Receipts are valid for 60 days from date of purchase. If a purchase is paid with cash, a refund will be issued in cash. If a purchase is paid by check, a refund will be issued with a merchandise return card or cash following a 10-day waiting period from the date of sale for the appropriate amount.